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Leaf Springs for Drag Racing

I think it's mostly my tires. I ran slapper bars at 7. I believe the caltracs are a good product if I get them tuned and get some more tires. I'm making more power now with less weight too so that is hurting traction. I'm getting some 6. It's all depending on your budget and what you want to spend.

caltracs hooking on the street

And also plans for the future. For HP you should have no problem with slapper bars if they're purpose made for the S If you can afford it, step up to caltracs. Just my opinion. I'm not certain but would assume that it had cal tracs and leafs on it.

My X Nova Facebook. It wan't work well with the caltracs. If you can, I'd fourlink the car truck. There are a ton of companies out there that have a back-half kit for that body style. You've got plenty of room in the bed area and the fourlink would give you more versatility if you ever step up on the horsepower. Any suspension using the stock leaf springs will be limited by the amount of rear-end weight you have because the back of the car will want to separate a bunch.

With a fourlink, you can control where the IC lift point will be in the car sorry again Stay Tuned, Dave. On the other hand, if you're like a lot of the other nutcases on this site and you're shootout racing it, that 4 link puts you in a class called Outlaw I guess we should have asked what are you going to be doing with the truck?The leaf springs were attached to the rear end via U-bolts. This is your typical leaf spring suspension setup.

This particular set-up is a mono-leaf, which means it uses one leaf, not multiple leafs. Most factory leaf spring suspensions use multiple leafs, but most performance arrangements go to a single, or split-leaf arrangement. In contrast, most cars today use a three- or four-link suspension using upper and lower control arms. Ford vehicles all had leaf spring suspension at that time, as did Mopar muscle cars.

With a leaf spring arrangement, the front part right of the spring uses a pocket on the body to attach it. This is how it attaches on a Nova and a Camaro, and early Mustangs, for that matter.

For full-frame cars, it attaches to the frame via either a shackle or a simple nut and bolt attachment. At the rear of this author's Nova, you can see the rear attachment point is on the frame rail, using a shackle. These days, there are specific classes in drag racing for leaf spring cars.

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And how do leaf spring set-up methods differ from four-link suspensions? With so many makes and models of rear wheel drive cars out there to choose from as a basis for a race car, and with an antiquated suspension such as the leaf spring arrangement, one must wonder why anyone would choose to start with a leaf spring car.

Truly there are more popular choices with factory four-link suspensions that enjoy a large aftermarket following.

caltracs hooking on the street

However, of those cars mentioned above, there are some spectacular platforms in tha t list. Therefore, the classic muscle cars with leaf spring suspensions are still popular today. The fact that Rhodes can more than hang with the X guys is proof a leaf spring car can compete with its four-link, stock suspension competition. He just became the first nitrous car in the 4.

I like and appreciate all forms and brands of our sport. The biggest difference is obviously the fact that four-link suspensions use coil springs, control arms, and shocks instead of just leaf springs and shocks.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Caltracs - install, set up, tuning. Previous 1 2 template Next. Posts Latest Activity Photos. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Caltracs - install, set up, tuning August 15,AM.

I was tipped off to a sticky on the YB forums about cal-trac set up.


I've copied and pasted it into word, and edited it so it's easier to read. Do the guys with experience running caltracs on leaf spring cars have anything to add to this? I don't expect my falcon to have the power to pull any wheelies, or destroy the tires - so it's probably not the best test case for this - but I thought others may benefit from the discussion. FRONT: make sure the front control arm are not binding. Last edited by milner ; August 15,AM. Tags: None. August 15,AM.

Comment Post Cancel. Joe Grippo. That YB info is pretty much it. The only thing I'll add is I always make my adjustments to the bars with me in the car and I'll have my brother or buddy set them.Just like so many facets of performance, a combo that works great on one car may not necessarily work as well on another. The key to winning traction is evaluating your combo, making minor adjustments when testing your car, then utilizing that info for improvements.

What you may not realize is that getting your car to hook well isn't solely based on the rear suspension. In addition to the sticky rubber out back, you have to set the shocks, adjust the pinion angle, match the springs, and get it all to work in unison with the front suspension, frame, rollcage, engine, and transmission.

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Just got a little more complicated, didn't it? Matter of fact, the traction system you opt for will depend on the intended use of your ride, the engine's power curve, and what your pockets will allow. The types of rear suspension systems in use on most production Chevrolet cars include two leaf springs, two coil springs with a four-link system, and two coil springs with a two-link system, a Panhard bar, and a torque arm.

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All Chevelles and G-body cars ' used the standard four-link system; ' Novas and ' Camaros used the two rear leaf-spring system; and third- and fourth-gen Camaros used the two lower control arms, a Panhard bar, and a torque arm. This month, not only did we spend a considerable amount of time learning what it takes to obtain those killer short times and quick e. They helped us put together this general overview of what's available, what will and won't work, and the stepping stone to bettering your own track times.

Street class? Bill Hickok: It all comes down to how well you load, or plant, the tire. This is critical to how much traction you have. In a heads-up Street class, you have to have a good footprint on the track to hook. On leaf-spring cars, we run John Calvert's CalTracs systems. These bolt-on traction systems work exceptionally well, and it's also important to run a good double-adjustable shock.

CHP: Why a double-adjustable shock? BH: Double-adjustable shocks allow you to adjust the shock so that the bump and rebound functions can occur separately, from soft to hard, and also provide predictable action. This allows you to tune how the car's suspension acts on a specific track, and the adjustments can be done by simply turning a knob on the shock while it's installed in the car.

CHP: How much weight balance should you have over the rear wheels, and how should you measure for it? BH: You'll need to weigh the car on four wheel scales with the driver in the driver seat and the car at race weight. The goal you are trying to achieve on the rearend is even distribution of load under acceleration.

It's also important to consider the vehicle's rotational torque. This means that under acceleration, the car's weight shifts from the left front corner to the right rear. It's great to have lots of horsepower, but if you don't have it properly balanced, it's all for nothing. A lot of measurements go into an efficient and effective suspension setup.

Leave these adjustments to a qualified individual who knows what he's doing. It's easy to get lost when inexperienced people start making adjustments and are unsure of the outcome. That's how cars get dangerous. CHP: How do you define instant center? BH: Instant center is the imaginary point where the upper and lower four-link bars cross paths in front of the rearend.

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In general, a good starting point is inches off the ground and 50 inches or so ahead of the rear axle's centerline.In the entire history of mankind, we doubt there has ever been a true drag racer who has taken his new car to the track for the first time and said, "That's fast enough. We figure you fall into that category too, so we asked longtime racer Mike Goodman to share some of his tips for traversing the quarter mile just a bit quicker. Goodman's bright blue '69 Nova SS is famous in street racing circles.

It's definitely the definition of a true street machine. Besides the hood, the body is all original steel, and the roof is even still clad in an old-school vinyl top. Like all veteran racers, Goodman understands getting down the track faster than the next guy requires more than simply having the most horsepower. He knows all the tricks for getting a car to hook, no matter the conditions.

As proof, Goodman won the Midnight Drags at the Car Craft Super Nationals, and this year when the organizers were looking to beef up the big-tire class, he volunteered to run his small-tire Nova against the big-rubber behemoths and nearly won again. He finished second see the video and coverage herelosing in the final round to Bryant Goldstone's world-beating '73 AMC Javelin. Anybody who can take a 3, pound all-steel car and run against all comers has our respect. Plus, he was incredibly forthcoming when we asked him to share the hard-won knowledge that allows him to consistently make 8.

First things first: Goodman understands that money is an issue for everybody, and if you waste it you are already behind the curve. And that costs you more money in the long run.

To be able to do that well, it means you've got to have good communication with your engine builder and chassis fabricator. And if you do those things yourself, you've got to be up on your game.

Goodman stresses that simple systems can be fast. For example, in an age where turbos are dominating, he continues to race and win with a nitrous-fed cubic-inch big-block. Places to consider are your fuel supply system, your air intake, and your exhaust.

All can quickly become bottlenecks as you add horsepower to help you get down the track more quickly. One mistake Goodman says he often sees less experienced racers make with a street car is to choose a very aggressive race tire with too little sidewall strength.

A street car is typically significantly heavier than a full-blown race car, and they require more sidewall support in the tire. This is especially true if you are racing on an unprepped surface. The next test is to figure out just how much air pressure in the rear tires the car needs. You can do this by making a series of foot test runs to see how the car hooks up.Valonqar is Valyrian for little brother, leading many to assume that Cersei will be killed either by Tyrion or Jamie, her two younger brothers (Jamie was born moments after Cersei).

The Hound hated his brother, but he is still sure to be shocked at what Cersei has done to him, and he hates the Queen for his own reasons, as well. What bold season 7 predictions do you have hidden up your sleeve.

caltracs hooking on the street

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Caltracs on the Street !

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5 Tips For Hooking Your Street Car … On or Off the Track!

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